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is an interesting extension of the tetris game. In the original game, each basic unit falling on the screen (i.e. a "tetramino") contains 4 square blocks. There are 7 different ways to connect these 4 blocks into a shape (rotations are considered the same shape, but reflections aren't), hence the 7 shapes in the traditional tetris game.

In "5tris", each shape contains 5 square blocks instead of 4. This one more block increases the total number of combinations from 7 to 18. With these shape variations, the new game challenges your skills and brings your tetris experience to a new level.


5tris is written in Adobe Flash, you can either play it in the browser (on the left column) or choose one of the following download options:

If you have a flash player installed on your computer, you can

  • download the swf file (36KB). You can right click on the link and choose "save link as...".

otherwise, you can always download the following executable files, which can run directly on your PC or Mac:

  • For Windows operating systems, download 5tris.exe (2.4MB).
  • For Macintosh operating systems, download 5tris.app.zip (3.6MB).

Names Trivia

What's with the name "5tris"? You might even wonder why the original game is called "tetris" in the first place. Well, Alexey Pajitnov, the inventor of the original tetris game, came up with the name "tetris", as a combination of "tetra" (greek prefix for 4) and his favorite sport "tennis". We name the new chanllenge by simply replacing the prefix "tetra" (4) with 5.


The Birthday of 5tris

Project started on June 6th, 2009:
The 25th anniversary of the original tetris game.

The testing team (Taylor, Haipeng and Jieqi) playing with the Matlab prototype of 5tris.