to my homepage. I'm now working as a quantitative researcher at Citadel LLC in Chicago. I received my Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University . My advisor is Prof. Peter Ramadge. This page contains information about the research (and some non-acadmia work) I did in my graduate school.

Research and Publications

My Ph.D. research builds on the concept of "sparse representation". I study how additional structure can be incorporated with sparsity to improve various signal/data representation, denoising and classification algorithms. This work falls into the following 3 areas:

1. Learning sparse dictionary representations efficiently.

2. Connecting the structured sparsity of decision trees with wavelet coefficients and Besov space, for a coherent understanding of edge preservation in image denoising.

3. Improved boosting algorithms for sparse and structured fMRI voxel selection.


Princeton 2009-2012 Ph.D.
2007-2009 M.A.
Electrical Engineering, Princeton University
Advisor: Prof. Peter J. Ramadge
Tsinghua 2003-2007 B.E.
Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University
With honors. GPA Rank: 1/164

Selected Academic Honors

Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Fellow 2011-2012
Honorific Fellowship, Princeton University
Francis Robin Upton Fellow 2007-2011
Princeton University
Outstanding Fellow (top 2%) 2003-2007
Awarded 4 years in a row, Tsinghua University
IMO Gold Medalist 2003
Tokyo, Japan. Worldwide Rank: 12/457


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